Dinggly Doorbell

The quick, 

easy way to

an internet doorbell.

Download the app

dinggly doorbell internet door bell scan qr to ring the occupant install the app

Then stick to your front door

dinggly doorbell easy internet door bell stick on the door and scan to ring qr

Yes, it's that simple!

How It Works

Attach to your door or porch area with adhesive

Download the app and stick the doorbell on your door

Visitors scan the code

Visitors scan it with their phone and press the virtual bell. They don't require an app.

Your phone is notified, you can talk, chat or just tell them you're coming.

Use it solo or alongside your existing doorbell.

Use as a standalone doorbell 

 or with an existing doorbell or knocker

Use as a doorbell 

this is a doorbell thisisadoorbell.com dinggly

or with an existing  doorbell or knocker

this is a doorbell buddy door bell qr scan dinggly

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Perfect for home

Dinggly Doorbell notifies your phone, telling you somebody is at the door.

If you’re out or have your hands full, you can talk or chat with them.

Perfect for home

Dinggly Doorbell rings your phone or a chime, telling you somebody is at the door.

If you’re out or have your hands full, you can speak with them or text chat.

Perfect for flats 

& offices

Multiple properties can share one Dinggly Doorbell. The first scan allows visitors to select the property they need.

dinggly doorbell app phone in hand select occupant

Perfect complement

Dinggly Doorbell doesn’t need to be an all or nothing solution – it is the perfect complement for your traditional doorbell or knocker.

Speak and chat with visitors when you aren’t home.

Perfect for deliveries

Dinggly Doorbell allows you to speak to people at your door when you aren’t home. Focusing on just voice rather than video, it is often faster to connect you than other video-based products.

Visitors choose

their language


  • Посетители выбирают свой язык

  • Les visiteurs choisissent leur langue

  • Los visitantes eligen su idioma

  • يختار الزوار لغتهم

  • Besucher wählen ihre Sprache

  • I visitatori scelgono la loro lingua

  • 访客选择他们的语言

3 simple functions



Visitors ring your doorbell, notifying your phone. You can tell them you’re coming



Talk to the visitor.
No phone numbers are exchanged.


Text or Chat

No reply? Visitors can leave you a message or start an online chat.

Remember, visitors do not require an app to ring the bell, talk or chat. 

A cellular signal is required at the bells location.

Why Dinggly Doorbell?

  • Simple set up
  • Great on its own or turbo-charge your traditional doorbell or knocker
  • Contactless
  • No wiring
  • Weatherproof and durable
  • Non-invasive for neighbours
  • Low risk of theft
  • Multiple property functionality
  • Easy-to-use app (needed by doorbell owners only)
  • Wireless doorbell chime coming soon
  • Rings like a traditional doorbell


  • Our most frequent Facebook comment! Yes of course it is! But if you are not within ear-shot Dinggly Doorbell / Buddy gives visitors the opportunity to get hold of you for a fraction of the effort and cost of a video doorbell.

The only difference is the text printed on the plaque. This is a doorbell | Scan with phone to ring makes sense when no doorbell is in use. No Reply | Scan with phone to speak makes sense when the doorbell is intended for use when there is no reply from an existing doorbell. The app and the functions are the same.

Every doorbell or buddy comes with a lifetime subscription for 2 users. If you want access for more than 2 users, you can buy a “Key” for £4.99 – a one-off cost with NO recurring subscription.

With permanent adhesive pads. No drilling or screwing is required. However, feel free to use alternative adhesives if this suits you better.

With the correct choice of adhesive or fixing agent, yes. The adhesive pads supplied are suitable for flat, relatively smooth surfaces, like doors, door surrounds or glass. 


The two obvious differences are that, firstly – the standard product has no physical bell to press, and no camera. Secondly, the visitor rings your Dinggly Doorbell via their own phone.


Compared to video doorbells, the basic Dinggly Doorbell offers:
  • Easy installation with no drilling, screwing or wiring – just stick it on your door!
  • No batteries to charge
  • Messaging. If you can’t get to the door or speak, you can text or online chat
  • No camera privacy issues
  • Better connection, as voice calls require less data than video calls
  • Attendant notifications. When somebody else responds to the doorbell, everybody else is notified
  • Multiple-property support. One doorbell can give access to a property list, each with their own virtual doorbell

You have the option to speak to the caller or alternatively you can start an online chat. If your property has multiple residents, they can also answer!

As many people as you wish can receive a doorbell ring. Or you can set up a doorbell to give the option to ring separate people. For example, this might be useful in a shared student house.

Not yet. However if you like the idea, let us know!

All around the world. You’ll see the shipping options and costs when ordering.

In short, the vast majority of users can, yes (those using Android 7 and iOS15 or higher). However, the few that can’t are notified and can still ring the virtual bell and text/ chat.

The app set up takes just a few minutes to download, create an account and set up for your doorbell. The doorbell itself sticks straight to your door, therefore it’s a 2 minute job allowing for you getting it nice and straight!

No. They just point their phone at the QR code. The vast majority of smartphones have the ability to scan codes this way.

With no reception, it will not work. With weak reception, notifications that you are on your way and chat should work OK. A better signal is required for 2-way voice chat, but less so than would be the case for a video doorbell. In most instances it works just fine, and we offer a 14 day money back guarantee.

Yes. Dinggly Doorbell Buddy would allow your visitors to leave you a typed message if you could not respond. Or you could have a 2-way online chat with them if you weren’t able to speak. No mobile numbers are used for text or voice chats.

Use our contact form and tell us 1. that you need a replacement 2. the customer number from your original order. We will reply with a special discount code to purchase a replacement for £10. This new Doorbell will replace the other (automatically) and we will moreover disable your old Doorbell. Ships next day.

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